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This is the circus of Dr. Pnguinmajikalss

We show you things that are Echiura


And my favorite movie is Le Voyage Dans La Lune and my favorite book is probably 1001 movies you must see before you die or Something weird. And once i went to japan and my scorpion died. My favorite food is FRIED OYSTERS WITH A BOOT ON THE SIDE.

And that is my life story. Invest in Gricom and by their quality products.
?, a clockwork orange, accordians, alfred hitchcock, anchovies, animutations, antarctica, archie mcphee, area 51, asdf, beignets, ben stiller, bleeding horses, bling, board games, bob dole, bobby lee, candy, carlton banks, caviar, chappelle's show, charlie chaplin, cheese, chickens, clams, clip art, comic strips, courage the cowardly dog, cows, creepiness, deep-sea fish, dr suess, droogs, dvds, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, engrish, experimental films, explodingdog, flanimals, fonts, full house, fungi, funnelcake, garfield, geico cavemen, george foreman grills, georges méliès, get fuzzy, gibberish, hagfish, hyrup, ingmar bergman, interests, jagainu-kun, james lileks, jellyfish, jürgen burkhardt, kids in the hall, laurel and hardy, lemony snicket, leprechauns, macromedia flash, mad tv, master redai, mayonnaise, michael crichton, microsoft pinball, minimalism, modern art, monocles, monty python, morris the cat, motsaenngin, movies, mp3s, nothing, olive the other reindeer, opabinia, otter pops, parappa the rapper, pearls before swine, penguins, pepsi, photography, pingu, pink floyd, plastic owls, plus-tech squeeze box, pokey the penguin, polaroid cameras, polka o dolka, polysics, porno graffiti, puppetry, red meat, regis philbin, rip slyme, robert ripley, rod roddy, rubber ducks, salem saberhagen, salvador dali, sanrio, satantango, saturday night live, saucer men, seinfeld, short films, silent films, sketch comedy, snoop dogg, spatulas, sphynx cats, spoons, squids, steve urkel, super bad, super milk-chan, tenacious d, the andy milonakis show, the bad scary place, the cosby show, the fresh prince, the handlebar club, the marx brothers, the simpsons, the twilight zone, times new roman, traffic cones, ufos, uglydolls, uncle pennybags, unexplained phenomena, unknown, wallace and gromit, walruses, we eat keys, weird music, weird shit, weird us, what the fuck, whose line, william s. burroughs, wizo, world expo, yodeling, yucfu inc, zzt, zzz